Unified Caring Association Sponsors Caring Beyond Borders

When the team at Unified Caring Association heard from their non-profit CARE partner about a wonderful humanitarian initiative that was started by a group of American students, they immediately decided to get involved!

In the summer of 2016, a group of 13 high school students traveled to Tanzania on a service trip. While in country the teens learned first-hand about the global water crisis and even had the experience of walking for water with Tanzanian villagers. They learned that each school day across Tanzania, children have to leave their classrooms to walk for hours to collect water … and the water is not even clean. The students reflected on the hardship of the Tanzanian students who are forfeiting hours of their education each day to collect water that has caused many of them waterborne illnesses. Together, they decided to do something impactful to create a difference for those living in water starved communities. They formed a group called Miles for Maji – “maji” is the Swahili word for water – with the purpose of raising funds to provide clean drinking water to an entire Tanzanian village. With the support and corporate sponsorship of Unified Caring Association, the Miles for Maji students have created walking and running fundraising events in West Palm Beach, San Diego and Boston to take place on Earth Day, April 22, 2017. One UCA team member created an online “remote participation” option for the event giving others the opportunity to do their own “walk for water.” It has created a wave of awareness and fundraising activity across the country!

UCA team member, Christine Greenberg stated, “It is a pleasure for all of us at Unified Caring Association to sponsor such a wonderful act of global citizenship. With the support of UCA, 100% of all money raised by the Miles for Maji events will go directly to fund the creation of a clean water solution for a village in need. Our CARE partner, the non-profit Save the Rain, will use the funds to provide clean drinking water to the village of Makiba, Tanzania. Currently the primary school in Makiba has 1,100 students. Their walk for water is 6 hours long with 70% of the students suffering from waterborne illnesses and 53% failing school because of these challenges. Unified Caring Association is completely delighted to support the beautiful demonstration of caring beyond borders that the Miles for Maji project demonstrates. This is truly caring in action!”

For more information on the Miles for Maji events or to make a donation, please visit: http://www.milesformaji.org/events1/

To learn more about Unified Caring Association and their CARE programs please visit: https://www.unifiedcaring.org/how-we-c-a-r-e/